International Girl Child Day

Though the world keeps changing, still every girl in this world needs to fight her way to achieve her dreams and goals. Every decision she wants to make need to be processed with society and family in mind. The freedom that she needs to survive in this society will be education and financial independence that can be sowed by only you as a parent that she can enjoy in the long run of her life. Give her the idea of joy, excitement, and colorfulness in life, Make your girl know that she can do anything with her beautiful life, with the right attire from our silk pattu paavadai collection that makes her feel the love and compassion from you.

This alluring maroon skirt is woven with mandala design. the maroon skirt with pleated knife design paired with royal blue silk sleeveless top with a golden zari cut and a bow gives your girl the smile to conquer the world.

The warm tone of this long green checked pleated skirt with a contrast purple zari which adds a bold touch when paired with a radiant purple silk top which gives your darling girl the shine she was expecting.

 From the merge of colors from our silk pattu pavadai collection in which this gleaming pink top with the mirror embedded in them acts as the epitome of her reflection for her long journey which is merged with the shades of shining yellow and green silk. The dominance of the yellow and the checked pattern gives her the perfect look for the celebration.

If you thinking about giving your daughter the most fascinating clothing style, then your perfect choice will be our leaf green top with golden zari combined with a contrast yellow pleated skirt which gives her the confidence she needs in every step.

Give her the appealing look with our trendy navy blue with magenta pattu paavadai with a sleeveless top with an off-shoulder on one side giving the trendy charming impression.

Give your princess the spotlight with our silk purple bell sleeve top paired with a magenta skirt with temple design giving it a tradition yet subtle look. The shiny material of the silk aids your daughter in the spotlight she deserves.

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