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Pothys Swarna Mahal Glitters with the prestigious National Jewellery Award for "Bridal Gold Jewellery of the Year 2023" Winner of “BRIDAL GOLD JEWELLERY OF THE YEAR ” for the second consecutive year.  Pothys Swarna Mahal, a name synonymous with purest quality and

Twara Kurtis are a fashion-forward choice for modern women who seek comfort and style in their everyday outfits. With their versatile designs and easy-to-wear appeal, Twara Kurtis effortlessly transitioned from office chic to casual glam, making them a wardrobe essential

Contemporary Fashion Celebrations In the ever-evolving world of fashion, staying true to your individuality is key. At Pothys, we celebrate the spirit of contemporary fashion, offering women a diverse and exciting range of ensembles that combine traditional Indian aesthetics with modern