Navaratri Begins!

One of the much-awaited festivals in India, Navratri is celebrated for nine days. Before you gear up to welcome it, here are some unique facts that you should know about this beautiful festival of 9 days.

Navratri is celebrated with much gusto by different states in their own ‘unique’ ways. For instance, the western part of the country celebrates Navratri with dandiya or Garba while in the southern region, Navratri is celebrated with Golu or Bommai Kolu, which involves the festive display of dolls. Navratri is associated with pandals (marquees) and humongous and expertly crafted idols.

It is important for children to understand the meaning of this festival – why is it celebrated, the history behind the festival, the meaning of the festival’s name. This enables them to delve into the greater aspects of the festival and appreciate it better.

In South India, Navratri is when friends and relatives visit each other’s homes to look at the Golu, which is a collection of various dolls and figurines in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also give gifts to each other during Navratri ranging from sweets to clothes to household items.

Dandiya, an essential part of Navratri celebrations, is a dance where men and women participate with small, bamboo sticks called dandiyas. A highlight of the dance involves both men and women striking each other’s dandiyas.

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Navratri is also a great opportunity to get your children involved in many activities. You can celebrate Navratri by teaching them about various festivals. You can also have them participate in kid-friendly ceremonies. These ceremonies usually involve music and dance that kids love to participate.

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