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I purchased silk sarees from Pothys at T. Nagar, I went there to shop for wedding saree for my sister I had no idea about sarees at all but they took time to explain to me the types of sarees which are available and what's the difference in it later I came to know that there r so many varieties of sarees which I never knew it before and after I saw all sarees I

Republic Day evokes the feeling of patriotism in the heart of every single Indian and every person proudly flaunts their love for the nation. As India gears up for its Republic Day celebrations, you sure would have your ideas for the day. Whether you are venturing out for a formal or informal gathering, there is no dearth of options at Pothys as far as your clothing style is concerned. For women, the dress code for

The onset of every year begins with the evergreen Pongal Festival which is the perfect time to lace your wardrobe with colorful outfits with the latest fashion. Pongal is a festival that emphasis on our deep-rooted tradition and it is all about paying our respects to our mother nature. The cherry on the cake for women is to flaunt the best outfit for Pongal while looking breathtakingly stylish. So, if you are looking for some inspirational ideas in terms

The textile industry has been evolve immensely over the years. Although various designers and western culture has been practiced all over India, the close connection towards their tradition is always everyone’s personal favorite. The Youth day is just around the corner, and its absolutely important to address the Youth favorites. Customer preferences has always been the priority for Pothys. Begin this year with a shopping spree at Pothys. Countless invigorating collections are added in each

It’s a New Year and its definitely important to upgrade your wardrobe. Have you all planned on how to welcome the new year. Feel enlightened with our shimmering new year collections. We know all you women crave fitted and trendy garments and we are here to serve you with the best readymade outfits that would surely make you stand out wherever you go.  Let it be a new year outfit that you searching for or your best friend’s wedding is nearing, we

Christmas is magical- and beyond that- Splendid! The grandeur of decorated Christmas trees, cute candy canes, reindeer decorations, and glittering fairy lights are ever so mesmerizing. Adding to the joy is the fun and frolic of Christmas parties and spending the day together with your loved ones. The best thing about parties is the chance to play dress-up. We have the latest Christmas collection at Pothys, where the options are plenty and pretty. Well, it’s time to get the gorgeous outfits for Christmas,

The Margazhi Season is  the most musically sweet times of the year in our state, as it is also a month of gorgeous sarees, bright colors and experiencing all of it together. There is a perfect saree for every specific occasion that speaks volumes about what you are going to address. Classic sarees are very much linked with music and how these gorgeous attires compliment your song and presentation every time. At Pothys, the musical season

Wedding planning can be quite a tedious task, to begin with. Every bride and groom wish to add a designer touch to their wedding that makes them stand out and make their wedding more memorable. To help you lessen the planning burden, it's our duty at Pothys to curate lists of the latest wedding trends and brainstorm new ways to make your weddings more interesting.  Straight from choosing apparel for your Haldi & Mehndi functions, and simultaneously choosing outfits for sangeet and

The invigorating designs in the sarees always makes us wonder about its origin. There is something unique and special about every motif and how it was actually made. When you get to know about the actual fact behind it, it will inspire you all the more and give you pride about what you are wearing and why it looks so gorgeous. So sit back and read along to find out about the chronicles of prints and patterns that you find on

Karthigai is essentially the festival of lamps. An illuminated lamp is considered as a favorable symbol in most cultures around the world. It is believed to keep the forces of evil at bay and bring in prosperity and joy. The illuminated lamp is very important for all Hindu rituals and festivals to become quite indispensable for Karthigai. Karthika Deepam occurs on the day when the moon is in conjunction with the constellation of Karthigai and