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After the immense lockdown for this pandemic, it is time to finally get back to work. Heading to work after several months can be refreshing but new at the same time. The break-in routine because of the lockdown is more visible than ever. So, while you busy yourself with the rest of the preparations for a day at the office, Pothys has decided to take over your wardrobe with the most appropriate, sleek, and professional

Are all your friends getting married around you? You are excited but yet confused about what to wear to several different weddings which are more or less at the same time, aren’t you? Worry no more because Pothys, your personal style partner is here to help you walk this wedding ramp, looking chic and drop-dead gorgeous. We’ve brought to you a series of sarees which would no doubt turn heads once you drape it. VASUNDHARA MAGNIFICENCE Yellow's usual

Sarees radiate grace and glory on the enchanting womanhood. They speak volumes about tales of the most graceful faces in history who took the reins of the threaded weaves to be armored. Pothys exhibits a range of silk and linen sarees which have proven to be a woman’s most charming weapon.   Dreamy Dupion A raw silk saree is craved by most, but imagine the raw silk of Dupion weaved with unique threads of Mulberry Silk. This silk stream

Sweet September is here and so is our collection of sassy and chic Kurtis. Kurtis is the most stylish dresses a girl or woman can wear. It is entirely neat for work and works the best if you want to attend an event or a party. A Kurti does the stellar job of getting your point across the room and you never have to worry about being uncomfortable donning it. To show what we are

As the August breeze flies into the next month, it brings us the prestigious festival of Onam as a farewell, giving Pothys the perfect stage to lay out its splendid spread of Onam Edits. Creams, whites, and gold may be the roots of the auspicious day, but Pothys takes up the challenge to bring out various styles and versions of Creams, golds, and whites. The Onam Edit of Pothys isn’t like a collection you’ve seen before. Traditions are

Quarantining at home for too long can be mentally and physically exhausting. This is why; Pothys brings you a variety of activities to keep your buzz going on. Now that you are working from home, it is no excuse to slack and dress in pajamas all day. However, pulling the perfect Work from Home can be confusing and hard. What do you wear for a Zoom call or a Client meeting? The need to be professional can easily clash with your

Entering into the blissful month of August, the climate arrives with a little breeze, chill, and rains. And with a new climate comes a new wardrobe. Pothys presents the ‘Must-Have’ collection of women’s wears, you do not want to miss out on, this August! Kanchipuram Silk Saree Weaved in the utmost traditional style, Pothys gives you a silk saree which lives up to its name – The Kanchipuram Silk Saree. The bright yellow saree with a blue border at Pothysis hand-picked

A saree is a woman’s most precious secret. It’s her most treasured collection. From her very first saree to the one she wore for her big day; she will remember and savor it all. For women, who keep an eye out for delicate designs and the best prices, Pothys presents to you, a unique set of sarees to add to your grand collection. Each piece is hand-picked, and designed with materials of your

Do you know you can reprogram your mind easily and make it refreshing even during difficult seasons of life for the entire planet? It is the work of every individual to continuously monitor their mind, will, and emotions to keep themselves healthy and happy no matter the situations and circumstances you are surrounded with and no one else is going to do that job for you. Our brain is like a computer and you need

Welcome to this beautiful month of AADI and we have the most colourful and fantabulous designs to get you started with this season. Geographically speaking it’s the time when the earth’s axis tilt in a way that paves the way to climatic changes that highly favours agriculture. As we are experiencing rain shower this month let us also continually pray for protection and a sooner end to all what we are experiencing to a brighter future. During this time, it’s natural