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India is a nation that is known for its spectacular legacy of a variety of heritages and cultures that have resulted in countless traditional crafts and art forms in each and every nook and corner of this massive country. In every woman's heart, the saree occupies a unique place. Saree is the ultimate traditional wear of Indian women. The handloom saree online have made a substantial place in the textile market with its incredible craft of weaving. Pothys has put forward

Festive seasons brings your family together and will be one among the memories, which you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether it is exchanging gifts or doing any fun activity with your family, we all have many reasons for loving this festival. What makes it all the more exciting is the dazzling ethnic fashion that we all dress up in. In case you were confused about what is trending and what is not, or need some extra help in determining what

The nine dedicated days of worshipping female goddesses with incredible lights, and colorful twirls all around – is the sight flooding your eyes when you attend a typical Navratri – Garba and Dandiya celebration. This festival of worshipping Goddess Durga and Shakti is an event with great zeal and enthusiasm. But with many Indians relocating to other countries, carrying their deep-rooted culture along, Navratri is now a global festivity! Are you too on the lookout

With the festive season just around the corner, the time is ripe for an all-new fabulous wardrobe. Multiple celebrations will soon be coming your way, and your social calendar is sure to be packed with invites for the many events. From Navarathri celebrations to Diwali, you will have many events to flaunt your newly curated wardrobe. Haven't thought about your clothing selections for all these dates? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Be it any event the color

Colors are part of our lives, so does the emotions we feel. Do you know each color depicts an expression of life. These enchanting colors not only makes your life happening but also makes your wardrobe interesting. Ethnic wears has always been the epitome of fashion, when it comes to India. As much as we embrace our tradition  we equally nurture our feelings and emotions. Here is a percept amalgamation of enticing ethnic wears referring

Organza sarees, the name itself brings a sparkle to our eyes. An organza saree is known for its ultra-sophisticated appeal and luxury. When you are browsing for organza sarees, you sure are looking for tons of styles and designs. At Pothys, we offer you both. Our collection of the organza wonder beam with colours and design. The word Organza is said to be named after the Organzine fabric that was woven by twisting silk fibres. The six yards of

Do you know you can be fashionable on a budget? Banaras sarees flamboyant drapery has made its marvellous impression in fashion and has gratified its spark across the globe.  Add on this versatile elegance to your wardrobe now! These Banarasi softy sarees are comfortable, rich in look, and Guess what? These sarees are budget-friendly as the price ranges from Rs.1800/-. And these Artful collections of sarees always deserve a place in your wardrobe. Banarasi sarees are one of the historic traditional textiles which have

Indian women have draped themselves in colorful cottons and silks for eons. The ways they’re made and worn are stunning and diverse. Let’s see today the surprising history of India’s vibrant tales of saree tradition. The word “saree” means “strip of fabric” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, or linen for millennia, these swaths of fabric are more than just simple attires. They’re emblems of national

Onam is a south Indian festival of food, color and attire. From the beautifully decorated elephants to the wild Pulikali dancers, and from the enormous snake boats lined up at the shore to the stunning floral decorations, this event paints the city in more colors than you can imagine. That being said, below are some of the newest collections at Pothys to give you a glimpse of what to expect while buying pure silk sarees

Who wouldn’t like depth?? Be it in life or color, we humans have a bent for getting attracted to something mysterious, dark with layers and layers beneath. Maroon is one such color that has the same power on the human mind. A color so stubbornly deep and obnoxious that keeps people on edge, it won't be an overstatement to say that one needs a heavy confident personality to wear a color so bold. Let’s tour