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Ikat designs are prominent in western Africa and south-east Asian countries since 16th century. The word IKAT originated from the word Mengikat, a Malay-Indonesian word that denotes bind or tie. Ajanta Ellora cave murals are embossed with dancers wearing ikat-patterned clothing. Later this complex weaving craftsmanship evolved in Nalgonda, Pochampalli in Andhra Pradesh. Yarns are dyed to weave intricate geometric patterns. Initially, Ikat designs are woven in black and white. Weavers painstakingly weave complex patterns with dexterity. Pochampalli Ikat sarees were granted with GI which promotes exports and leads to economic prosperity. Let’s dive in to get a glimpse on its dyeing techniques.

Dyeing techniques


Warp yarns are ikat dyed with the tie and dye method. Patterns are created with the warping technique which is also known as single ikat.


Weft yarns are dyed with single color or no color. Artisans’ dedication is very much involved in the weft technique. The yarn needs to be centered and readjusted very often to get precise patterns.


This technique is the most complicated one when compared to other techniques, it involves long labor hours. Warp and weft yarns are interlaced to weave complex patterns.

Intrinsic patterns are evolved over a period of time from motifs to chevrons, from stripes to bohemian patterns. Scroll down to know more about Pochampally Ikkat silk sarees from Pothys.

Saree collection

Get to experience the rich color palette of the latest Pochampally Ikkat silk sarees collection from Pothys. From subtle pastels to vibrant Fuschia each piece is bordered with contrasting colors and heavy zari borders embossed with sophisticated ancient traditional designs. Stylish geometric patterns and temple elephant patterns are woven throughout the body of the sarees.

Devise a modish style statement on your special occasions with Pochampally Ikat silk saree collections from Pothys. Drape yourself in the latest collection of Pochampaly Ikat silk sarees decorated with abstract and geometric patterns. From divine swans to brides in palanquins and grooms in horses are woven with silver zari in the contrasting borders of the ikat silk sarees. Sophisticated abstract patterns to whimsical distinctive patterns are weaved all over the body of the saree. The designs are inspired by nature and each saree is woven with the artistic craftsmanship. Be gorgeous by wrapping yourself in this Pochampally Ikat silk sarees from Pothys.

Styling Tip

Go pleat less, let the pallu waltz with the breeze.  Style your Pochampally Ikat saree with sleeveless V-line tassel blouses or match it with a peter pan collared blouse. Accessorize yourself with oxidized silver jewelry and wear a Kajal for an iconic look. Amp up your look by adding a touch of makeup.

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