Modern Ethnicity

There’s something about a saree that makes it so special and timeless. Whether it’s the way it drapes around your body or the way it elegantly flows as you walk, there’s no denying that a saree is a statement piece. And when it comes to ethnic wear, sarees are definitely one of the most popular choices. But what makes a saree even more special is the fact that it can be worn in so many different ways.

Sarees have always been considered as a symbol of Indian culture and tradition. But with the changing times, they have also become a fashion statement. Modern ethnic sarees are available in a variety of fabrics like silk, cotton, crepe, etc. They are also available in different designs and patterns here at Pothys.

Ladies, we have a perfect saree for you! This orange Arani Parampara silk saree is lightweight and comfortable. The floral motifs are elegant and the tissue zari border is classy. We know how important it is to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, but this saree does more than just look good on you. It’s also easy to maintain, which means you can spend less time worrying about your outfit and more time enjoying the day with your loved ones!

This green Arani Parampara silk saree is perfect for Indian summer weddings. The floral motifs on this saree are a perfect contrast to the dark shades of the season. The tissue zari border makes it very stylish and fashionable while giving it a lightweight and luxurious feel. You can also choose to style it with a saree belt to elevate your look to another level.

The Kathan silk is a fine, soft and delicately lustrous kind of silk that can instantly give you that magical appeal. Whether it is a formal occasion or just an evening out, kathan silk sarees from Pothys will make you shine bright like never before.

Dress up like a diva with these Kathan silk sarees. The variety of colors and styles make it difficult to choose just one, but the gorgeous details will make you want them all. They’re lightweight and extravagant, which makes it easy to carry along.  Lightweight and dazzling these silk sarees are perfect for all occasions. With a variety of colors and motifs you will never have to worry about finding the perfect one.

Need an outfit to walk in and make your mark? With Kathan silk sarees you will be the envy of every woman around. They come in a variety of colors with zari borders, from majestic white to royal purple, with bird motifs & floral motifs giving that mesmeric appeal. The finishing is done with great precision that makes it smooth, lustrous and strong, giving the fabric its signature look.

With the change of season, it’s time to change your attire too. Our beautiful range of silk sarees will suit your every mood. From light colors to dark, from minimalist to luxurious – we have it all!

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