You owe it Mom!

Moms deserve just the best and we need to take every opportunity to gift them to tell them how much they owe it! They have sacrificed so much to make us what we are today and it’s time you show them the same love. And Chanderi should be the right pick this summer due to its special texture and luxurious feel.

The fabric is known for its hand-woven nature which adds luxury to it. Chanderi sarees that are made with a mix of silk and cotton create a magical texture that your mom can’t stop falling in love with. Chanderi sarees are lightweighted and comes in vibrant colors too. The zaris are dusted with gold,silver and copper.Chanderi sarees have unmatched sophistication and would be a great partner for any occasion. Contemporary designs in this handloom fabric with traditional motifs are eye-catching. The sheer textile, glossiness and fineness of this fabric have triggered fascination and make your mom an instant showstopper. The sheer texture of Chanderi fabric and zari work on Chanderi fabric make it a highly versatile fabric and can be easily adapted to create fashionable styles for grander occasions.

The motifs created on this Chanderi are spellbinding and attractive. Currently, modern geometric patterns and other strikingly beautiful motifs are preferred by women all over the world. Now you can get Chanderi sarees in pastel hues and also in a combination of vibrant colours. The creation of exclusive motifs and the sheer texture of the Chanderi saree are the two prime features for distinguishing Chanderi from other handloom fabrics. This saree would make a valuable addition to getting ready for any occasion with comfort and ease.

Traditionally, Chanderi fabric was used to weave sarees. Chanderi silk sarees are a brand in themselves due to the love for this fabric being greatly deepened in the Mughal era. Your mom can adorn herself with Chanderi sarees on special occasions. The floral motifs seen on these Chanderi sarees are handwoven. The raw silk used in the Chanderi saree provides strength to the yarn and makes it easy to weave. This offers a lovely finish to the Chanderi silk sarees. This collection will help your mom create an amazing collection for her wardrobe.

This salwar Chanderi fabric is produced by weaving silk and zari in cotton yarn that results in the creation of a glittery texture. Chanderi silk fabric is famous for its fine fabric, transparency and great motifs in art and design. The floral motifs on Chanderi fabric are primarily handwoven on the handloom with needles. There are separate needles for different motifs. This piece would be a great addition to your mom’s wardrobe, a stunning masterpiece to her collection.

Make your mom full of joy and be the source of ultimate happiness by gifting her some amazing Chanderi sarees this month and don’t forget to tell your mom that she owes it!

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