The Margazhi and Art

The Margazhi Season is  the most musically sweet times of the year in our state, as it is also a month of gorgeous sarees, bright colors and experiencing all of it together. There is a perfect saree for every specific occasion that speaks volumes about what you are going to address. Classic sarees are very much linked with music and how these gorgeous attires compliment your song and presentation every time.

At Pothys, the musical season is also a time for new motifs and colors. In our new collection, we have woven Samudrika silk sarees with motifs like temple and musical notations from ragas. The sarees feature musical related colors and their instruments, seated across the stage during a concert. While all our designs are perfect for musicians and everyone that loves and enjoys music. Along with the rendition of Carnatic music, the sarees also will flow effortlessly when draped.

This season is when artists from different parts of our country come together, showcasing our deep rooted traditional art froms like dance and music. The Kutchery season here in our hometown is a burst of colours and sounds and for a performing artist, whether a dancer or a musician, and we know just how important this time of year is.  Everyone has always loved and admired the elegance and grace embodied in a saree. And a pattu saree, always meant that there was a super occasion and an atmosphere of celebration and festivity to look forward to. What else couldn’t make this season more eventful than our glorious kancheepuram silk sarees.

As the music reaches your soul, it is also important to treat your eyes with some authencity. What else can be more authentic while performing than a majestic silk saree portraying absolute bliss. The pallus are embellished with the design, featuring different musical related motifs well known during the season, while the body of the sarees has a minimalistic design to showcase the bright and lovely colors that are perfect for the time of year. Drape around this elegance and look on point even if you are one among the audience. Because its that time of the year to praise our tradition and show gratitude by styling some amazing handwoven sarees.

If you are person who loves to be subtle? Then these sophisticated silk sarees are the best picks for you. As this is the season of divinity and spreading joy, it is also as important to look and feel beautiful both in and out. Feel rejuvenated listening to the unsurpassable talents singing and be amazed watching them dance and perform on stage. Style yourself, glow in your own way and all you have to do is fulfil your heart, mind, and soul with intriguing performances.

Nowadays, women are always trying something new instead of going for the same old designs. At Pothys we have come up with a complete wild collection of the latest exceptional silk sarees with matching blouse patterns that suit all age groups. Each Saree features floral, musical motifs, each one offering a unique display of weavers. The colors Blue, Red and Gold add a touch of royalty to these Kancheepuram sarees. These are available with borders and without borders.

It’s time to make your every grand occasion glow with the luxury of pure silk with breath-taking colors and motifs that compliment your style and personality. Browse from our huge collection for the trending silks sarees in town.

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