The Majestic Silk

Ask any South Indian woman what the Kancheepuram saree means to her, she will certainly state an expected fact – it is a rich-looking smooth ocean of silk that is meant for display at exclusive occasions and a treasured possession for life. T he famed Banarasi Silks of Northern India, Kancheepuram silks is definitely the pride of the wearer and the envy of onlookers for its majestic appeal.

While any beautiful handwoven Kancheepuram silk saree can amaze the wearers and passionate lovers of the Kancheepuram silk sarees, this saree has more to offer. Kancheepuram silk sarees come in various collars and designs etc., however, this fabulous Kancheepuram has come with a different vibrant combination. This saree is a Korvai contrast Kanchipuram silk saree, wherein the body and border are woven separately and are interlocked together by hand. While these shades are independently vibrant and nice they are being brought together in a Korvai Kancheepuram saree by Pothys. Yes, deep colors come together in this impeccable Kancheepuram making it one of the rarest combinations ever in the contrast Korvai Kancheepuram silk sarees.

Kancheepuram silk sarees have always been exclusive and captivating. Finely woven fabrics it is the rich brocades in gold & silver zari, including fine designs and engravings, the relatively heavy and opulent aspect that is part of every South Indian bride’s trousseau and a must-have finery fabric for weddings and exclusive occasions in many Indian homes. The speciality of this Kancheepuram saree lies in its use of zari or rich gold coloured thread work on motifs and brocades. The brocade is covered with wonderful designs including the very popular elephant motifs in rich deep golden zari. The embossed weaving across the body adds to its intricacy and richness.

The motifs in large dimensions are beautifully distributed evenly across the body expanse with floral themes like paisley motifs adorned with lustrous silver and golden zari. The eye-catcher is the choice of hues that begin the interest in the fabric. What is wonderful is that the purity of the materials like silk and zari create lustre and shine that radiate wonderfully to brighten the environs.

The Kancheepuram saree has long since been acknowledged as a fabric that evokes enthusiasm, curiosity, amazement and a host of similar emotions on its arrival. One of the costliest versions is this recent range of rich Brocade saree. This saree too could get its ovation and maybe a standing one at that, for what it offers by way of allure and grandeur with its incredible paisley borders and butta body that is captivating.

The Kancheepuram saree no longer is restricted to the town of Tamil Nadu alone. In fact, it is a pride of India for being one of the ethnic wears that have still remained faithful to its traditional values in the making and purity of materials. One can be sure that handlooms shall continue to be a source of inspiration and a majestic fabric for many more years to come.

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