What to wear for your best friend’s wedding ?

We know it’s a daunting task when it comes to choosing what you should be wearing at your best friend’s wedding. Having a plethora of options to choose from you might get confused in the end about the right attire that would be the perfect mate to compliment your beauty and style. But don’t worry we have got it all set right for you with every option under one roof. From Kancheepuram to Anarkali’s we’ve got you covered for your best friend’s wedding and also your little princess has tons of options to choose from.

Pothys Anarkali’s are known for their colours, gracefulness, and perfection, and flow. Doesn’t matter whosoever is wearing it; this apparel will sure add a touch of royalty to their appearance. And out of all the Indian wears for women available, one attire is winning everyone’s heart for ages and never getting old by fashion and is none other than Anarkali’s.

Pothys Anarkali gives you the classic and beautiful salwar kameez look with a flow like a lehenga for that perfect best friend’s wedding look. Mughals introduced this clothing in India- and Mughal Dressing Style has made an unbeatable place in our culture. At Pothys, we have a gorgeous range of these suits, where you can choose from different fabrics, work, style, flow, and occasions. After all, every woman deserves to flaunt their look at their best friend’s wedding.

Pothys sarees has ingeniously chosen these pieces of Kanchipuram silks to suit every grand occasion including your best friend’s wedding. Neither too flashy nor too plain, impeccable to wear for weddings and auspicious days. Celebrate life with Pothys as you revel in the comfort of the silken fabric on your best friend’s wedding.

You can look your best in these Kanchipuram sarees regardless of the scale of the grandiosity of your events. Experience drapes with a play of dual shades, checks, paisleys and self-embossed patterns. Borders, themselves are a medley of zari, thread work and piping building luxury. The partly sarees made of pleats which match the pallu and vary from the body, self and contrasting blouses, dark and pastel colours offer diversity to your selection. Pothys Kancheepuram catalogue has such a sensational display of motifs, patterns, colours and colour combinations that you will be spoilt for choice.

Let’s get the tradition back in and dress up your little princess in Navarathna Pavadai for your best friend’s wedding. These fabrics have a sheen and lustre you will surely enjoy on your little princess. Handcrafted and weaved with the finest silken threads to give your princess the ultimate wedding attire. Experience the blend of tradition and luxury woven on these silken drapes. You can make a zillion varieties with these fabrics according to your taste and style. Grab the contrasting fabrics for skirt and blouse and enjoy the pureness of our tradition come alive. There can’t be a greater time to instil the culture of our tradition in your children than when they are young. Take the finest shots as they twist and twirl around in their dazzling Navarathna Pavadai and make every moment memorable at your best friend’s wedding.

Pothys Sarees features an illustrious collection of mesmerizing Kanchi koorai sarees. These sarees make for perfect wedding attires and you can also wear them for grand family functions, a visit to a temple or just casual wear. They are quite luxurious and the sheen of silk gives them a rich look. These are Light, sheer sarees made from pure silk and pure zari.  They are lustrous and thin, with a fine texture and an attractive sheen. Contemporary Koorai is the timeless, ancient Kanchipuram weave. Grand and comfortable for any occasion and especially your best friend’s wedding. Various permutations and combinations of earthly tones, colours of the sea and sky, muted tones are incorporated in these kanchi koorai sarees. Embossing, zari borders, zari buttas, nature-inspired motifs confer charismatic flair.

Pothys is here to help you with virtual shopping and live shopping. No matter how you like to do it our team is all ready to help you dazzle at your best friend’s wedding. Shop through WhatsApp video call or come live and grab the best outfit that makes you grander.

Give a missed call to 1800-315-3131 (All India) or get in touch with us on +91 9620955555 (Bangalore) and +91 9176833316 (International customers) to shop with us from the comfort of your home. Our sales representatives will walk you through the store virtually!

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