Maintaining our wardrobe is one of the toughest missions which everybody has to fight at regular intervals. Why not spend some time to revamp your closet and make it look authentic in this lockdown. Also spend your time wisely, because time waits for none. As we all know, as much as our ethnic wears look so magnificent and portray richness, it also weighs as much at the same time and when not arranged properly it may take up all the space in your wardrobe. So, this blog is to enlighten you with some tips and hacks specifically to organize your traditional wears – Indian edition!


The first and foremost step to organize is disposing of worn-out, de-fitting clothes from your wardrobe. By doing this you can make enough space for your new collections. Spray clean your cupboard with a cloth to remove any dust particles present in it.


When it comes to women, the numbers of dresses are always at the high end. To make enough space one has to sort their collections separately like sarees and Blouses, Lehengas, Anarkalis, and Kurtis. Arrange every dress with their respective pair of blouses or shawl if any. Fold the lehenga skirts appropriately to hold the skirt in place.


Hangers, stacking or rolling lehengas will never work. Use transparent suitcase-like bags to store your skirts or lehengas. By doing this, it will be easy to find the dress whenever needed and doesn’t make a mess. Arrange the dress in the bags and place it on the top shelves.


The silk sarees and weightless Kurtis can be hanged neatly once it is pressed. Casual sarees or office wear can be folded neatly and stacked in separate compartments. Men’s collections are pretty easy to organize as all their traditional wears like kurta pajamas, dhotis can be folded and placed in Drawers.

Spend your time productively in this lockdown by redefining your wardrobe adding some class and sass. You can invest your valuable time in reading books, exercising, enhance your skillsets efficiently. Stay home and follow all the precautionary measures to keep up your health. It is also vital to keep your mind sane in these critical circumstances. Start enjoying your stay at home and stop spreading the virus. We all are in this together and this shall pass.

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