The summer seasons are very hot and humid. The temperature ranges from about 27°C to 34°C.  Summer always makes a person tired because all the energy is being exhausted. Many people find it difficult even to dress up and attend any occasion. To break all these stereotypes, Pothys delivers a wide range of cozy and breezy collections to grace any occasion. You are going to look into the most radiating and ravishing shades of summer which perfectly reflects sunlight and makes the outfit gleamingly gorgeous!

Isn’t the ravishing shades of pink and orange a scintillating combination. The pink border and the lustrous orange tones make you look so elegant and graceful. Be it any festival or other occasion, drape around this piece of excellence and stand out in the crowd looking so pretty and on fleek.

 Are you the one who prefers lighter tones? Here is the right pick for you. This dress looks part gown and a part lehenga. Isn’t that fascinating! You can make everyone wonder about the dress all long. The glittering embellishments are just a treat to all our eyes. The intricacy in the dress is quite alluring. Style this and dazzle around effortlessly.

The composure of yellow with golden shades glows so bright as the bright sun. This yellow saree is the best color to wear and grace a special occasion. The intricate golden detailing in the saree just escalates the richness of the saree. The saree is absolutely light and airy yet looks so majestic!

Look so fresh and orangy, styling this invigorating saree portraying absolute brilliance. The golden intricate elements in the border with a sleek purple are bewitching. Wear this saree and sway in style!

  Summer is here and what else can shimmer so beautifully than the glorious hues of yellow! The only place where the western style and nativity get along is fashion. Look at our traditional yel-love hues singing soft melodies as the long skirt

This orange saree with petite golden peacock designs all over is a must-have in your wardrobe. Style this vibrant saree and leave the crowd mind blogged. The thin purple border is like a line of richness and beauty.

floats so smoothly. The Golden designs arranged all over the dress are such a stunner. Style this dress and look like a shining duo with the sun.

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