Scarlet Series

You’ve caught us red-handed

What can we say? We’re passionate about red & all red outfits. 

Not all red is made equal, and we can’t help but fall in red-hot love with this bold statement-making color and its shades. This stand out color is a punch in boredom and radiates confidence in any crowd.

Put black clothing on mute for a quick minute and revamp your wardrobe with some stand-out red outfits impeccable for everyday wear.

Our vast collection of women’s red clothing includes red georgette Anarkali, maroon Anarkali, maroon Samudrika saree, and red silk cotton Anarkali that will kick your basics to the curb.

Are you red-y for this Georgette Anarkali? Power red is strong and bright and will tear through the mundane ensemble to give you the perfect wedding attire you’ve always wanted.

The maroon silk cotton Anarkali with a classy neckline is seamless for the ideal bridesmaid look that you crave. It’s also an impeccable wedding guest outfit alternative if dresses just aren’t cutting it for you.

Our red Anarkali has a cute tight fit, and a dainty neckline with floral embroidery for the bridesmaid look any day. This outfit is a stunning must-have you’ll obsess over like your darling shade of red lipstick. 

Don’t you just want to live in pure silk and zari? Trust us, we all do. Silk fabrics and deep reds embody our love for luxury. The maroon Samudrika saree plunges for a deep silk and zari twist. Talk about sophisticated aspirations!

Bask in that red carpet treatment in our elegant silk cotton Anarkali twists for a classic Bollywood glam. Fall head over heels in love with our cotton textured lace overlays lined on lovely soft fabrics. This beautiful silk cotton Anarkali dress makes it impossible to go unnoticed.

Dress in head to toe red from Pothys Scarlet collections to fulfill all your red dress dreams. If you think red isn’t your color, think again! This arresting bold hue will make you feel like you’ve got it all. 

Lastly, look no further for the perfect red shoes to complete your monotone red outfit. Add in the danglers and accessories for a chic red outfit look.

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