Wardrobe Essentials

Women typically need a lot of dress material to go for an outing to look elegant and sparkly. Nevertheless, you don’t require a big wallet to fulfill your needs, just a few needed essentials in your wardrobe can do the magic. A traditional sari, Anarkali, casual wear like Kurtis and Salwar Suits can assist your style to a desi beauty on any day.

Anarkali suit first became prevalent in Mughal’s ancient times, and it got its name from Anarkali, a renowned Mughal Empire courtesan. As it advanced, floor-length mid-length Anarkali’s became common. It is popular because of its long and flowing top that completes any woman’s look in a sophisticated way. Legends say Anarkali has astounded everybody. Women in the Mughal Era wore this suit because it’s made of luxurious material as it has the power to heighten their beauty. And Pothys collection of Anarkali would be a treasure for your wardrobe with its luxurious fabrics and stunning designs.

The Mesmerizing Handcrafted Vasundhara Silk Saree with double side borders woven as a korvai, having intricate floral designs in zari highlights the entire saree.  The body of the saree has embossed weaving that adds luxury to the saree. The saree has a rich traditional pallu woven intricately in zari. Stun every occasion with this unique traditional silk saree with tons of designs and varieties from the house of Pothys. Deck your Wardrobe with these beauties and look picture perfect for any celebratory event.

The Kancheepuram silk saree in a classy shade of pink comes alive on the flashy silken drape. The wide zari borders combined with intricate paisley & floral buttas add to its brilliance. The fabulous chequered body with a traditional pallu intricately woven in zari and diamond motifs gives an élite appeal to the saree. A mini collection of Kancheepuram silk sarees would sure bathe you in glory on every single occasion. It’s a sure golden treasure, a combination of pure silk and zari for your wardrobe.

Linen saree styles lend themselves perfectly for both weekends and workwear! Simple and elegant, at work and play, these sarees are universal favorites when temperatures soar! Printed, embroidered, shaded linens are the ones that give a smooth and contemporary edge. Ladies, it’s all about comfort and drape, and staying natural – Check out our cool, comfortable linen collections and drench your wardrobe with your style of drapes and rock any day.

No matter what your outfit is, the exact type of jewelry will add a wow factor to your look. Our jewelry collection will give you the right kind of glow needed to complete your Indian look. The magic and charm of desi wear are not holistic without pairing jhumkas.

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