Sarees radiate grace and glory on the enchanting womanhood. They speak volumes about tales of the most graceful faces in history who took the reins of the threaded weaves to be armored. Pothys exhibits a range of silk and linen sarees which have proven to be a woman’s most charming weapon.  

Dreamy Dupion

A raw silk saree is craved by most, but imagine the raw silk of Dupion weaved with unique threads of Mulberry Silk. This silk stream of black is made of the aforementioned two different types of silk garnished with a hot, pink border on which lay a ray of intricate golden patterns. This Dupion Silk Saree states proudly that it is the perfect show-stopper; especially when the piece is accessorized with a beaded choker and a pair of dazzling jhumkas.

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The Tussar silk saree which is also called Kosa Silk is tantalizing to the onlooker in every way possible. The saree emits a subtle shade of glamour enriching the draper as classy and evergreen. This sea blue tussar silk saree is a charmer in its own but with the silvery lines passing over the length; this saree knows no bounds and is a real masterpiece. Adorn yourself with metal earrings to achieve a classy look.

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Beauteous Linen Sarees are the epitome of fashion and style. When it comes to comfort mixed with a dash of splendor, linen sarees remain unbeatable. This white, sheer linen saree glows like the moon with threaded self-embroidery welcoming bouquets of inky black flowers. With the black border adding a pinch of simplicity, this saree is ready to party. Accessorize the saree with a low metal choker with spots of color paired with jingling metal earrings and you will look nothing less than ravishing.

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