Things to do while Quarantined At Home

Quarantining at home for too long can be mentally and physically exhausting. This is why; Pothys brings you a variety of activities to keep your buzz going on.

Now that you are working from home, it is no excuse to slack and dress in pajamas all day. However, pulling the perfect Work from Home can be confusing and hard. What do you wear for a Zoom call or a Client meeting? The need to be professional can easily clash with your regular wardrobe.

Which is why, to rescue you from the stress of the work, Pothys brings to you, the perfect Work from Home edit.

Resting at home or stuck at home, no matter how you look at it, you are at home with loads of time in your hands. This is the perfect opportunity to open your wardrobe and start cleaning it. Old clothes, torn clothes, take them all out. It’s time to make space for new additions in your clothing family!

Pothys, keeping up with the latest trends, brings to you only the best of fashion for your new wardrobe and your new look!

When was the last time you cooked your favorite dish in peace? Under the stress of reaching schools and offices, we never get much time to invest in our favorite cooking. This quarantine, pick up your knives and order your favorite bunch of fruits, vegetables, and sauce makers and stir the pot. Let the aroma you envisioned so many times take part in reality making your mouth water.

PothysMart would like to help your culinary dream come true by delivering groceries and anything from the poultry pantry to your house.

An old action-thriller or the new Online movie release, there are a lot of movies which you missed over the years. And if that isn’t enough, the film theatres are still under a lockdown making us miss the basic entertainment more than ever. So, if you can’t go to the theatre, why not bring the night show to you?

Set the timer on your oven with a bag of popcorn and pop open a can of delicious Coca-Cola. Sit back and enjoy a movie night with your family under the darkness of your living room.

Although, if you don’t like popcorn, does come with a range of other snacks including pop-corn for your night of entertainment!

Call us crazy but what’s a quarantine without trying out-of-the-box things? This quarantine, Pothys brings you a new challenge to match your food to the clothing you wear.

Have a snack while looking like one!

We at Pothys bring you a series of sarees, gowns, and churidars with every color you can imagine. So, order a snack at Pothysmart and match it with our wearables at Pothys and gain entry into the coolest club in Chennai – Match your Munch Club!

Now that you’ve added these activities to your Quarantine list, what’s the wait? Let Pothys and Pothys Mart be your best helping partner. Head on to the website and start buying!

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