A saree is a woman’s most precious secret. It’s her most treasured collection. From her very first saree to the one she wore for her big day; she will remember and savor it all.

For women, who keep an eye out for delicate designs and the best prices, Pothys presents to you, a unique set of sarees to add to your grand collection. Each piece is hand-picked, and designed with materials of your comfort, showcasing a sensational style. The best part being, each saree resides under Rs. 2500/- only.

COTTON SAREES Cotton sarees whisper comfort to anyone’s skin. The soft material, coated in a variety of colors like green, blue, yellow, and pink blends easily with the chic trend of the 21st century. Along the length of the saree, bright and delicate work of Chikaankari travels through. This is a saree that deserves a place in your ‘Must-Have’ list. Shop now

A GRACEFUL FANTASY Nothing describes grace like a shade of copper garnished with a border of gold. The commonness of the design is the very fact making it stand out, adding to your posture and connecting to your deepest fantasies where you greet people like a princess or even better… a Queen! Get your hands on this saree now

A TIMELESS STYLE The neutrals, are colors that you could drape around on any occasion and it will not be called anything other than Classic! A Timeless Style, emitting class at its best, speaks of a soft Linen material running along with blacks, whites, and greys. This vintage piece is an absolute show stopper. Buy this piece now –

THE IVORY’S ELEGANCE Ivory is the color of Royalty! The tissue threads placed together to form this masterpiece holds the minute prints of garden flowers all over the cloth. Getting your hands on this piece to place it in your collection will resemble a lotus in the midst of a pond. Show now at

THE SCARLET FINESSE The richness of this red in this cotton cloth embracing the mostly masculine pattern brings forth a face of boldness. The golden checks seen all through the saree makes a statement of the draper, boasting of her fearless femininity. The golden border at the end directs her towards her goal with each step. Now that you’ve had a look at the Pothys collection of sarees under Rs. 2500/-, shop for it too from the screen you’ve been looking at, under Aadi sale with discounts up to 20%. It’s simple, safe and before you know it, your saree will be at your doorstep. Happy and Safe Shopping!

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