Ways to slay at home during the lockdown

Do you know you can reprogram your mind easily and make it refreshing even during difficult seasons of life for the entire planet? It is the work of every individual to continuously monitor their mind, will, and emotions to keep themselves healthy and happy no matter the situations and circumstances you are surrounded with and no one else is going to do that job for you. Our brain is like a computer and you need to code in the right codes for it to think correctly and keep being happy and positive. To type in the right codes, you need to know the right codes. It’s best to shut down the news for a while and turn on the music and wear the best clothes with a hairdo and why not a photoshoot and you can find that instantly your mood becoming brighter and you can see light shining on yourself.

We at Pothys have made it easier for you with our best collections that could instantly turn on the positive vibe that can help you once again dream like you never dared to dream. We are only limited by our thoughts and if you could take time to invest in little things you actually can end up achieving greater things in life. Our subconscious brain picks up the sound, atmosphere around us and gives it back to us saying this is the reality but if we are smart, we would code everything right and we can outsmart the subconscious or code everything just the way we want it to be. Our clothes speak too much louder for us than what we got to speak for ourselves, and it’s wise to invest in those things which help to speak on behalf of us and which also has the power to boost our brain instantly into a positive vibe no matter what is going on around us. 

The color white is such a positive bright color and instantly makes us dream for the best in our lives and its time we use bright colors to entice ourselves of the truth that seems to be distant these days. Things will change suddenly even as suddenly we saw a huge shift for our entire planet. And now you can wait for such beautiful suddenly with bright positive clothing that reminds you to stay positive the whole day. 


The color green throws such a deep positivity and represents life and luxury. There can’t be a more awesome color for you to wear during this season to embark on the thought that everything is soon going to get back into motion and spread such a positive vibe for any virtual wedding you are attending and you only just need to add your smile to it to give it the perfect completion. 

You should always keep up with trend and tradition and lehenga is the best option for you to do the same. We have an endless collection that you would wish you could have it all, with all the latest designs and fashions. Its time you amaze your friends with a stunning lehenga and spread some joy around. 

Black has never lost its trend in a zillion years, the color that has won the hearts of many and still never stops doing that. Nothing can make you feel comfortable than black. It’s always there for you just like your best friend. It’s time to astonish your team with some trend, taste, and luxury. 

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