Women are multiple talented and without whom it’s impossible

In the past decade, we have seen great progress for women. There is no doubt that it still must improve. At Pothys, we continue to pave the way towards greatness and nothing short of that. We believe in a fact – women shape our society, they are the backbone of human civilization and there is not an iota of doubt.

Without the presence of a lady in one’s life, one does not tend to proceed in life or any path of life. Clothes and accessories are an important element in one’s life. We bring you three unique and different professions – Entrepreneur, Mom, and Teacher. Bringing profit, revenue, and inculcating morals, ethics, values, knowledge is something only a woman and one of these professions can implement effectively and efficiently.

Before we proceed, remember, a woman can do anything and so much more.

To begin with our wide range of outfits, we bring you the following: 

Pink and Purple can never go wrong:

Bringing out royalty and tad bit of feminine touch with this stunning combination. The Pink Linen Saree is easy, carefree, and exhibits a certain calmness. The outfit is absolutely something a teacher can drape. One must note that a teacher is an individual who inculcates knowledge to the forthcoming generation. They must be treated and looked at as such. 

The Pink Saree with a Floral Border brings out a friendly vibe. The bonus is the simplicity of the blouse – the texture, color, and the fact that it complements (but not overpowers) the lovely work and art of the saree. 

A woman is someone who believes in equality, who lifts everyone around her. She motivates every individual who crosses paths with her. A woman’s courage and ability to be kind is outstanding and admirable. 

Lover of Red and Black Shimmer:

If you are a fan of the combination of Red and Black – this Saree is for you. An entrepreneur is bold, confident, and decisive – what speaks the qualities other than Red and Black?

The combination of a Mayuri Soft Silk Saree paired with a drop-dead gorgeous embroidery designer red blouse conveys the vibe, am I right? The delicacy and intricacy of the outfit are well-established and can be seen from a mile away!

This is the perfect outfit for an entrepreneur – whether it is a business meeting or a regular day at work. Look traditional, be ethnic, and be a boss! #BossLady

White and Blue brings out simplicity:

This absolutely stunning ensemble of a Georgette Saree with shimmer and shine all over the saree is a perfect outfit for a Mom! Carry yourself high, ladies in this gorgeous amalgamation of Blue and White. The printed blouse tends to elevate the saree and take it to the next level.

The soft and suppleness of the Saree with a subtle border paired with a printed blouse bring out a different vibe and energy. Soar high with this piece and continue your day-to-day life activities in the most efficient way possible.

A mom is a multi-tasker and does it all. She is limitless and strives hard. She is an allrounder who knows to keep up with the fashion trends and accomplish everything in life. Salute to all the mothers

Being a mom is as hard as it can get – look great while you accomplish those daily achievements! 

“Be A Woman” is a compliment – and we at Pothys bring you the attire to complement that confidence. Be Brave. Be Strong. Embrace your femininity, ladies! This International Women’s Day, be who you are and look strikingly beautiful while you do you.

This International Women’s Day, choose the outfit that is in sync with you. Purchase Pothys’ Gift Card for your friends and family, starting at Rs. 500 and be overjoyed with happiness. Pothys wishes you all a very Happy International Women’s Day. Spend the day with your mom, sister, and friends – let the love grow and blossom. Harmonize your looks with our International Women’s Day Collection.

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