Motifs That Are Here to Stay

The Bridal Season is not done just yet, ladies. Have we ever thought what makes us purchase a Kanchipuram Saree (other than the occasion, of course)? A significant yet minimal part of the Royal Saree is the Motif of the attire. The Grandeur Saree is reserved for the ultimate occasion – a wedding, and it is the favorite part of bridal shopping!

If you are in a dilemma on the type of Saree you need to purchase to look like the Queen you are – we have your back! Pothys has taken the liberty of providing you with two motifs – Rudraksha & Floral. Do keep in mind that a Rudraksha Motif-inspired Saree is the perfect fit for the bride to be. The Floral Motifs is the outfit a bridesmaid must drape.

Let’s dive right in, and here’s to hoping you get inspired:

Light-Colored Rudraksha Motif:

Light-Colored Peach and a Dark Shade of Blue is a combination nobody would have ever wondered. We at Pothys bring you uniqueness and superior trends that are bound to put you on a pedestal. The Kanchipuram Saree that is embellished with Pure Jari is definitely a sight to see! The Dark Blue Border is definitely a beautiful contrast. The Border elevates the design and the saree – making it the ideal saree and the perfect fit for someone who wants the spotlight on them and who wishes to stand out!

The subtlety of traditional patterns tends to exhibit the wedding vibes – which is definitely a bonus! Do make sure your blouse is as grand as your saree to be the stunning bride you aspire to be!

Feminine Floral-Inspired Motif:

A Kanchipuram Saree that is enhanced with German Jari has the imprint of Floral Motifs. The love for flowers is eternal and a tad touch of feminity never went wrong, am I right? With the implementation of different shades of Pink along with the Floral Motifs cannot be dismissed. The saree is stylish, fashionable, and strikingly gorgeous. This is bound to be a bridesmaid favorite when draped.

For all the bride’s loved ones – here’s your pick. Drape it and look almost (being the keyword here) as beautiful as the bride.

Earthy-Green Rudraksha-Inspired Motif:

This wondrous favorite that has the touch of nature is definitely the saree that one can wear on their wedding day. The Kanchipuram Saree that has the embellishment of German Zari contains Rudraksha Motifs is an attire that is bridal-worthy. The implementation of traditional patterns along with Rudraksha motifs is a treat to the eye.

The bold red border is definitely a delight to the eye. It creates appeasement as it ensures the bride definitely needs to wear something red. The traditional designs imprinted on the border are alluring and definitely a minimal yet significant part of the saree.

 Nature-Loving Green Floral-Inspired Motif:

This evergreen Kanchipuram Saree is embellished with fast silk to create the necessary sheen that elevates the saree to a different level. The lustrous border is definitely a delight. The Floral Motif is something that is loved and adored. It is perfect for bridesmaid attire. The bridesmaid is bound to look great and downright stunning in this nature-loving green Kanchipuram Saree.

Complete the look with traditional and temple-patterned jewelry. Flaunt it with your confidence and make heads turn towards you.

Let the Brides drape the Queen of Silks on their special day while their best friends drape the Floral-Inspired Motif to look beautiful on their loved one’s special day. Visit Pothys to purchase the above stunning and bridal worthy Kanchipuram Sarees. Be inspired by the motifs and flaunt your complete look!

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