Bridal Saree Collection

The day every young woman dream for waits for is her wedding day, the day she attains the bridal status with self-prestige. Vrinda Vats beautifully said- A beautiful bride sitting calmly on stage with her handsome groom. Everyone is Impressed with their beauty, shower their blessings. They looked at each other shy with a smile. The eye-contact knows that their thousands of dreams come true: True has come from where they will be one for one forever.

To a bride make her day an auspicious one; it is the magnificence of dressing that expresses all the inner joy. Traditions and culture do play a vital role in bridal dressings and nothing less than a Saree is the highlight of all for a bride. Saree is a unique cultural dressing especially for women by Indian traditions and by all Saree is the most preferred dressing for brides with silk being the prime one.

Fine purple Kanchi silk with zari embroidery weft in oval intricate pattern design. The stretched zari borders with linear line embroidery gives a classical touch for brides with gold jewelry design and appearing costume touch. Display’s fine traditional touch for bridal collections at Pothys.

 A mark of exemplary work been displayed on the rich wood is an attractive apple red Kanchi silk saree with artistic zari design and border embroidery works. The gold lining in different flower design pattern, with a thick patch of border finishing, makes it a glossy one. Along with the beautiful gold ornaments, this designer silk is a perfect match to wear for Brides. Don’t you think this ideal wedding saree that will extremely look beautiful for any occasion?

Contra’s tic designs many times catches the eye any day. This natural yellow and clear rose maximized border with three designs embroider adding art to it is a fine example for the saying. The long time weaving art of Kanchi silks sarees can be seen in this design, where zari lining across the drape part makes it a lustrous saree. Along with a good bridal costume and accessories, this silk saree is a designer match for bridal collections.

If the grass is green why not silk? This exquisite pale green silk saree with gold zari border and peacock embroiders design in the weft.  Since silks are made out of naturally grown processed woven silk, the color pattern when coated with fabric; mixes perfectly to give out a classical work of silk saree. Once again the Zari border wefted with the gold patch, in contrast, adds this collection a blended match for bridal collections. Nevertheless, gold ornament collections and customized beauty therapy for brides will add a shimmering look for this silk saree.

Some silk sarees are known for the artwork on it and this masterpiece Kanchi silk saree is one of those kinds. A fine purple and light rose color combination weaved fabric with ancient Babylon art embroider in zari gold lining, connecting the designed and extended border. The lines separated by cross lining displays the amount of work produced on those repetitive ancient art designs. Once again if to experience a difference in silk saree, this one is a good choice to fill your bride’s day with pride and class. The kind of intricate ornaments chosen and a sense of beauty touch up spent is a total worth of selection. Drop by at Pothys to make your big day stunning.

Change is something well known in collections and when choosing an expensive classical Kanchi silk saree, it is good to choose and embrace the rare collection. This fine saree is a good display of the rare collection. The light gold zari fabric weaved in the major part and the deep blue weaved as the border with some composite brown and green adding varieties to the shining zari borders. The light gold fabric suits it uniformly with ornaments with the touch of silky glow given in the borders. So a must to try for brides in a sense of beauty that is sure with the costume make up.

The beauty of silk sarees is its graceful look in design and color and the touch of smooth silk. All three can be found in this wonderful Kanchi silk saree. The color of fragrance rose sandal weaved with traditional zari bordering and artistic oval design embroiders. Gold zari adds a glossy view as a whole. The other uniqueness of silk sarees is the selection of Zodiac signs in the border zari embroidery works. Rose sandal with attractive zari design makes this Kanchi silk undoubtedly the best one for bridal collections; along with the beautiful white pearl Rudra necklace and a touch of beauty therapy.

This Coral blue Kanchi silk saree from Pothys for Bridal collections is one of its kinds to choose from. If you have not chosen marvelous coral blue in your silk saree collections, it means you are missing something special. We have a vast range of blue this bridal season, make your choice for this doted design embroider silk saree, weaved with fine silk fabric to the borders. The gold patch zari design makes it a fair looking class saree.  Goes beautiful for brides along with sandal Rudra and gold ornaments, and expertise bridal beauty touch up.

Visit us to grab the latest bridal couture for your big day. Be one among those happy brides from Pothys.

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