There is a saying that smiles in every face of a little girl are God’s presence. The gift for a couple is a baby girl in their life. So what does it take to admire the joy of having girl kids or little cuties in your life?

The best way is to see your beautiful girl kids getting dressed as dolls. The happiness in being as parents to girls starts with this love to admire them in a colorful way.

Here in Pothys, we have understood the selective taste of parents, on how to dress their kids with admirable fashion that trends among the dressing styles for girl kids.          

This new collection in Pothys is a combination of Mastani and Gown. A good new choice to see your girl kid decorated. The light grey shade fabric with flower embroidery in the top in gold linings and wavering spread of cross design with a fringe material finish at the bottom. Make this a composite fashion of artisan and weaver splendor. U curve finish around the neck gives a lift with the over the cover top, which combines traditionalism, fashion, and attraction. Style your little girl with our extensive collection.

This Monsoon season the one to try for your girl kid is the lehenga design wear. This wonderful rich looking design comes with a combination of mustard green and Almond orange combination. The inner part with a cut sleeve double laced design top, and a linear design full bottom with the same combination of mustard and almond color; Gets the eye with elegance and fashion and a unique choice to decorate your girl kid. The fine finish Terri cotton fabric makes it worth for design and price especially looking at the softness and lengthy finish of the overcoat.

Shimmy frock collection at Pothys, which come in mixed tailoring of Orange cut sleeve top and embroider the woven design of pink emerald blue in the bottom. The ancient artistic design in the knee bottom cover is a masterpiece for its wavering work. The shade silk material with the joint finish and free neck design, make it worth the price. A different way to see your girl kid dressed? Do try this silky woven frock now. Complement this with the right accessories for a classy look.

To celebrate your girl kid like a doll. This collection is the perfect choice with six color cascade art tailoring. The three-light brown creamy shades for the top part and contrast marble blue and pink for the bottom makes this a wonderful thought piece for fancy Mastani gown collection. The V-shaped neck cut with 4 patched buttons and fringe sleeve finish adds an eccentric and blended style to dress your girl. Do not miss this collection from Pothys this season.

This season if you want to give a class attractive design to your girl kid!!  Find out this new collection free wear Mastani gown. The natural orange top with curve neck finish cut sleeve and rich artwork embroidery work and a niche coral blue full bottom with same pale orange embroidery golden woven art lining. Is a true gift to your girl!!  The silky woven fabric gives a weightless feel fit in wear, which is a concentrated and well-selected design for girls wear.

This traditional silk Pavadai collection for your girl is a one-off piece for its wavering. The blue-green shade with maroon and golden silk lining in the bottom gives a touch of composite cultural collection. The separate top with embroidering u curve neck and shoulder sleeve finish with maroon art is a well-focused art woven work on this design.  

Much more varieties of clothes for your girl at Pothys are

A gown for girl kids is a form of modest collections, mostly called as Barbie doll collections. Gowns possess richness in dressing for girls. The cut sleeves with a hip bow belt and cone-shaped under finish covering till bottom is a perfect birthday gift for your loving girl.

Frocks are known for a soft and buffy touch of dressing which suits more for girl kids. The variety in colors, material, and design make it a multi selective clothing style. Some of the attractive designs come with cut sleeves and knee cut with plain or flower embroidery works that add a composite touch to girl kids.  The double-layered bottom covers in frocks add the doll fashion in your girl when she wears it. Covered sleeves with a joint stick to the bottom, combines the tradition of western style with Indian traditions.

Chudithars known by its name is the hallmark of Indian traditions for girls. The widely selected design for years now has more attractive varieties for girls. Chudithars comes with full leg covered leggings, a top full sleeve or cut sleeve with plain or embroidery works and a smooth thin cloth cover around neck called dupatta or overcoat which gives it a conservative look for girls. Parents, who want to see their girl kids in a more mannered fashion on occasion, choose to go for the churidar fashions. 

Leggings are another multi fashioned one for girls, which is now on the trend with its matching ability to all sorts of upper wears.  The flexible fabric clothing gives your girl kids, an energetic sense of feel and increases their sense of activities in the stretch.

Visit us and explore the most trending right now for girl kids is the art silk Pavadai in Pothys. Colors for frocks come with the spectrum of rainbow colors but mostly preferred are those mixed colors such as coral shades, emerald shades, sky blue shades, mustard shades, azure shades, peacock shades, and sun gold shades. Happy Shopping!

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