Floral prints may be called a trend, but sometimes it seems that floral will never really be out of style. This year Pothys presents its casual florals in their colourful patterns for men, women and kids. Vibrant hues and pastels are all included in this vibrant and classic designs.

  • With floral prints in full bloom, this fashion trend can be subtle with small flowers on monotone fabrics, or bold and bright to make a statement. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong strutting your stuff in floral prints.
  • Start bringing some life back into your wardrobe with a floral style which is the best men’s trend you haven’t been wearing.  A bright and lively print is probably best for this season. Grab your casual shirt until the Aadi sale up to 50% OFF at Pothys lasts.
  • Floral and graphic prints are an undeniable tool to stimulate a kid’s imagination and creativity. At Pothys floral prints come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes, and designs. Does your little girl have a favourite flower? Look for clothing with her flower print on it. Explore our wide range of florals for kids with jaw-dropping deals this Aadi season.

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