Different Ways to Drape a Duppata

Nothing can change your look and style faster than a dupatta drape. They can be worn in many different ways – from draping around the neck to tying around the waist. Here are a few of the best dupatta draping styles you can consider for your lehenga.

Over the shoulder cape style

To achieve this mess-free look with your dupatta, wear it like a cape. All you have to do is just pin it up well on your shoulders when you are wearing a heavy dupatta. It’s a simple no-fuss style lehenga dupatta drape that is literally a five-minute get-ready look. You don’t need a stylist to get this done.

The shoulder and Waist Style

This is the most frequently used lehenga dupatta draping style and is very similar to the saree drape.  You just have to tuck one end of the dupatta into your lehenga skirt from the back and wear the other end across your body like a saree pallu. This type of drape completely transforms your outfit in just seconds and gives it a lot more saree vibe than that of a lehenga.

Choker Style Drape

For an effortless, classic look that goes out with an outfit you want to fully show off, go with a dupatta draped across your neck. Letting one side of the dupatta fall on the front, without taking away from the intricate details of the blouse.

Front Drape

If your dupatta is as dazzling and elegant, show it off in all its glory with a classic front drape style. Simply lay your dupatta across a shoulder, so the ends of the fabric are in your hands. Allow the dupatta to drape close to your neck, and you’ve got a timeless look that’ll add instant grace to any lehenga on your wardrobe. Simple, stylish and the best part – you don’t need a draping stylist to get this done.

So, these are some of the creative ways of wearing a dupatta with your lehenga. Happy dupatta styling.

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