Flora – That Rule the World of Silk!

The ever-green silk sarees have some of the patterns, motifs, and designs which have enhanced the beauty of the sarees and enthrall every new generation.

Each and every intricately woven motif has much historical significance and was inspired by myriad tales, etc., and these motifs evoke and exquisite grandeur in silk sarees.


The lotus or pundarika is considered as a manifestation of the divine Goddess Lakshmi and symbolizes feminine beauty.

In Kanchipuram, it is called ‘kamalam’ the stylized 8 petal flower motif inspired straight out of Mother Nature and like in Indian Classical music, the saree motifs retain the weaver’ individual expression in several artistic forms.

Spring Blooms

Nothing embodies like classic silk sarees with traditional flower motifs. These motifs create a new dimension to the visual appeal of the sarees upholding a unique creative expression within the artistic crafts.


The blooming rose on the sarees shows how beautifully nature influences design and artists. The weavers retain the authenticity of the flower in the craft and beautifully abstract rendering of the natural flower to make the saree and women the iridescent beauty.

These sensational flower motifs are an inspiration for all artists and they add grace, beauty, charm, and sensuality to the saree and to the wearer.

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