Ultimate Personal Stylist Guide

For women who want to look their best, Pothys’s Personal stylists will look into preferences, your lifestyle, and your style that accommodates your life and give you guidance on your ideal colors, patterns, silhouettes, etc.

In-house Tailoring

  1. To #GettheLook, our personal stylist will guide you to get your favorite outfits that match your body and to enhance the quality and beauty of the clothing.
  2. To alter, to stitch, our in house tailors and personal stylists help you save time and money by tailoring wearable confidence for you all.

Skype and WhatsApp shopping

  • No time to walk into our store? We are now available in Skype and Whatsapp and our Personal stylist will connect with you to shop your favorites that suit your style needs perfectly online.
  • Our online Personal stylist will assist you with fashion advice at your comfort time curating clothing and trend for you through skype and WhatsApp.

Personal Stylist

  • Our personal stylist will aid you in bringing out your fashion best and it’s just not all about the clothes, it’s all about your confidence in your looks when you are unaware of your style.
  • Their guidance is to meet your style needs and to choose your powerful outfits and colours when you are spoilt with choices.

Save your money, time and experience the elite services of our personal stylists only at Pothys.

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