Wedding Collections from Pothys

Pure silk sarees from South India is the longest enduring wedding outfit for most of the women! It has deep-rooted symbolic beliefs in a religious and culturally rich past for all the brides to choose silk sarees for their big day.

Samudrika Pattu

Samudrika Pattu, a sarvalakshana Pattu has the best quality of the silk with vibrant and luscious hues. Its traditional motifs inspired by the rich culture of India and its creative design on the borders and pallus and intricate silk thread works add the sparkle that bridal wear demands.

Parampara Pattu

Parampara Pattu, typical bridal wear carries an inherent sheen which makes it look a class apart from other silk brands. The beauty of Parampara Pattu is further accentuated with unique zari works and artistic creations on the bridal saree create a magical dream on a bride in a few strands of silk.

Kancheepuram Silk Saree

Kancheepuram silk saree has become a must-buy bridal wear for the South Indians as it adds a lot of grace on the big day. The traditional weavers from Kancheepuram give their personal touch on a bridal saree in a traditional form of temple motifs, stripes, checks and floral designs in golden and silver threads makes the silk sarees a perfect pick for the new bride.

Vastrakala Pattu

Vastrakala Pattu, the finest silk saree brand that comes to the bride’s mind to embrace her wedding. Vastrakala Pattu, prominent silk being the bride’s pride with colorful silk threads, intricate zardozi embroidery of beautiful beads and stones and other embellishments makes the Vastrakala a Royal one for the bride.

Be the all-time heart-winning bride in traditional silk sarees from Pothys which is beautifully designed for the new brides to walk royal down the aisle.

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