Republic Day evokes the feeling of patriotism in the heart of every single Indian and every person proudly flaunts their love for the nation. As India gears up for its Republic Day celebrations, you sure would have your ideas for the day. Whether you are venturing out for a formal or informal gathering, there is no dearth of options at Pothys as far as your clothing style is concerned. For women, the dress code for Republic Day invariably remains Indian ethnic wear like saree with shades of tricolor.

Wear your patriotism in style this time with Pothys that has beautiful and elegant silk sarees lined up for you.

The first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions traditional wear during national festivals is the silk saree. Adding the tricolor flavor to your silk saree is easy; either choose a saffron saree combined with white or vice versa. You can opt for a handcrafted silk saree with zari which is easier to drape and look classier.

Traditional silk green coloured woven sarees are very stylish while still giving women that ultra-ethnic look. These patriotic coloured sarees are great for any evening occasion and can offer you a rich look that stands out in the crowd.

You can find a whole host of blue coloured ethnic sarees at Pothys, all available at your favorite Pothys showroom across the city or you can even purchase them from our website. Getting dressed in Republic Day style might make you look blank if you haven’t put up complementary jewellery, trendy and minimalistic or traditional style. Go ahead and wear those traditional earrings and sparkly bangles. But also make sure, they are in the tricolor mixture of green, white and saffron.

To cap off another patriotic day, you can go all out fashionable with some vibrant orange coloured silk saree with glitzy zari. The Pothys clothing range has loads to offer in the trending department, it all matters on how much of a fashionista you are.

Even lipstick and smoky green eyes will look beautiful on you. Make sure they match your skin tone in the first place, otherwise choose the ones that suit you the best. Your handbags can be tri-coloured too. It will make you replicate your patriotic spirit over your shoulders. And we have a wide-ranging collection for you to choose from

The fashion trick for republic day is to look simple and yet stunning. Always remember to add in your share of style. And yes, don’t forget to pin up your National Flag!

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