Navaratri is a celebration where the family and loved ones come together and it is a long celebration of nine days. It excites us because we can dress up in colorful dresses and dance Dhandia and enjoy the season of Navaratri. During Navaratri, we dress up in a particular color each day and we admire the color-coded costumes that give the celebration a vibe of unity. The interesting fact is that each of the nine days has its own significance. Each day is devoted to nine forms of Goddess Durga, she would represent different qualities, dressing in a particular color each day showing the power of women. Dressing up in a particular vibrant color each day indicates the triumph of womanhood. We have tried to spill out the significance of each color of the festival of nine auspicious days.

Dressed in grey goddess Durga manifests in the avatar of Skand Mata holding the infant lord Kathick in her arms. Grey in Navaratri basically shows the vulnerability of a mother, who can turn into a powerful storm when her child is in danger. Such a fragile yet strong color grey silk saree with gold zari and beautifully aligned floral motif patterns in this saree gives an enchanting royal look for your Navaratri.

On the second day of the Navaratri, the goddess is dressed in orange. Orange in Navaratri depicts immense courage in a woman. Add an orange silk saree with a brown border and zari with floral patterns that embrace your body giving you a courageous and majestic look exhibiting immense courage.

White depicts the fierce form of goddess Durga, dressed as Kalratri, she has anger in her eyes and is black at night. She is dressed in white embodying peace and prayer. Wear this subtle white Kanchipuram saree with traditional temple Buttis in the body of the saree giving it an idea of devotion with the pinkish-violet pallu and border leaving you with an equanimity feel.

On the fourth day, the goddess is worshipped as the daughter of mountains. The red color for Navaratri basically depicts the action and vigor of a woman to protect her loved ones. The gleaming effect of this red Mayuri soft silk saree with a bright royal blue pallu giving you the comfort and warmth for celebrating the festivity with your loved ones.

The goddess is believed to have supernatural healing powers in a blissful state. The light blue represents a wonderment towards the beauty of nature. For this Navaratri grab this pleasant blue color Mayuri soft silk that’s like the sky on a clear day with contrast orange pallu and border giving it a calm yet powerful vibe of trust for this season.

On this day the goddess will be dressed in pink on the sixth day of Navaratri and destroy all the sins of the time. Pink for Navarathri denotes hope and a fresh start. Check out our pink Venkatagiri silk which is beautifully blended with green color and perfectly hand-woven with silver Peacock and Jhumka designs all over the body giving you the essence of beauty and grace for this festival.

On the seventh day of Navaratri, the goddess is assumed to grant happiness and prosperity with spiritual grace. The royal blue with Kanchipuram thread works with peacock and temple motifs with contrast red pallu and border giving you a festival look with a blessing of health and wealth as the day depicts.

On this day the goddess will be in the form with a half-moon on the forehead representing beauty and bravery giving the strength to fight the demons. Our yellow Pochampally half-line saree with diamond motifs along the body of the saree and this happy color lights up the room and captures everyone’s heart.

The green color on the final day of Navaratri the goddess is assumed to create the universe with laughter and blessed us with vegetation depicting the green color. On this day dress up with our green Kathan silk half-line saree with beautiful Buttis and floral pattern embracing your body signifying the new beginning and growth.

The nine colors of this Navaratri shows the spirit of a woman who has the grace and braveness of the goddess herself. This Navaratri celebrates the victory of good over evil and gives the blessings of the goddess for the new beginning.

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