Wedding Season Intimation

INTIMATE WEDDING SEASON? Your Stylist is here!

This wedding season, it’s time for the sisters and friends to take the center stage alongside the happiest girl of the day – the Bride! Sure, we’ve all had our share our lavish and extravagant weddings but now it’s time to embrace the joy of intimate ceremonies. And the best intimate wedding contains the best sarees. Well then, here you go… Pothys’ Wedding Spread.

Cream Palette for the Ceremony

Bless the peachy occasion with a subtle yet charming peach silk saree. This saree in silk contains a dash of the symbolic wedding shade resting in the wide border which adorns the feet of the draper. Oh, and don’t forget your red mask to match your saree.

The Wedding Dream

Keeping in mind the tradition of keeping something blue at a wedding, here’s a dreamy blue silk saree perfect to embrace the ceremony. Motifs in silver threads gallop across the silky material. Something which would take the saree’s magnificence up a notch is elegant, stone studded earrings.

 A Cream Charmer at the Wedding

Threads of cream are the perfect combination for a wedding because as much as they blend in, they stand out the most. And this saree is dressed with the colour of a queen at the border – Violet. Who can say no to this eye-turner available at Pothys?

The Yellow Fest

When it the season of blessed festivals, it is mandatory to bring the festive colors to attend it too. Bright sarees like this marvelous yellow silk saree, bring the sense and feel of light into the wedding making it more auspicious.

A Crimson Story

A typical Indian intimate wedding is incomplete without a splash of red. Or in this case, an entire saree weaved with soft silk threads in a fascinating red. Furthermore, the art of mandala in gold is simply breath-taking, isn’t it?

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